Work Flow

Our pride in the production of high quality socks begins with the diligence and

passion on our work and leads to the satisfactory delivery to our customers.

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Production aim is to provide superior quality socks at a fair price by continuous improving the quality of the product & maintaining on time delivery. Our Customers are our assets and we always strive to provide excellent quality products/services to exceed customers expectation.

01. Understanding and In-house Design

The design and specification of socks is determined through identifying a customer’s

needs and sharing the direction the customer aims to take.

02. Confirming

Plan for the work is confirmed through the completed design draft and decision on
knitting method.

03. Knitting and Sewing

Most of the outward appearance of the socks is completed through knitting and sewing.

04. “Value-Adding” tasks

Additional work such as needlework, Hot-print, non-slip is performed.

05. Ironing and Packaging

Final work is completed by finishing Ironing and packaging.

06. Shipment or Delivery

Shipping for overseas export or domestic delivery is carried out.

07. Get your Socks!

Your shipment/order is waiting for you. Hope you liked it  

08. Protect Design right

We respect and protect the value of each design. We are working hard to prevent unauthorized external exposure or leakage.

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