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Venus Hosiery Pvt Ltd is socks manufacturing company based out of Delhi, Wazirpur Industrial Area. We are into socks and hosiery industry for over 25 years. We are a business to business platform (B2B) and we are the ODM of various top Indian and global garments and socks brand

At Venus, we stand out because we provide a wide array of products, including cotton socks, sports socks, woolen socks, school socks, children socks, thumb socks for women and many more. We’re proud to be a one stop solution for any socks and garment related brand.

 We are integrated with high-end manufacturing, integrated environment and state of the art production technology to produce world-class products. We are the only brand in India that has advanced international manufacturing technology, highly skilled manpower, and has a rigorous production methodology including processing, dying, knitting, linking, quality testing, finishing and packaging for garment and other products.


With a significant pan India presence built through 25 years as a socks manufacturer that stands out for premium quality and comfort.

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A-114/4 Wazirpur Industrial Area 

New Delhi - 110052

+91 9699999953

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